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defines the youth of today and so does Kiago.

Kiago explicitly an activewear brand offers style & simplicity to carry off with attitude. A legitimate child of Kiago Sports predominantly biased on the lines of Product Superiority and Product Designing. Our two product lines, Kiagolite based on the concept of pocket friendly line & Kiagolicious, an ostentatious range are the sheer offerings to 18s up 80s who thrive to stay FIT.

Kiago is Killer Instinct @ GO. Designed to be light weight for not to encumber the wearer, Kiago activewears urges you to unleash the beast within you. It defies your inhibitions and bumps you beyond your limits with the very word GO. With moisture wicking fabrics, crisp details presented in wide gamut of colors, Kiago is not confined by any definition with no attached thoughts but strewed and garnered by your passion and zeal.

Zestful athletes and arduous students define us in our bid to promote Healthy India:

Your dementedness bumps us
Your passion defines us
Your work elaborates us
Your attitude carries us
Your sincerity stimulates us
Your vigor & vivacity sustains us

Infused with zeal pride and valor, imagine yourself at the start of a game with a throbbing heart amidst clamorous and cheerful crowd. Word GO pushes you to subjugate pressure while showcasing strength & vigor with an élan to steer through the game and emerge as a winner. Our styling and tailoring aims at keeping you as dry and cool as possible throughout the game.

Introducing Killer Instinct in your wardrobe, Kiago is not only a sportswear brand but an attitude to don for life.

Our Story

A Start up by shaken-up minds covered with heaps of laziness, infused with multitudes of laid back attitude, moved by torrent of compassion and halted by a tint of negativity but a desire to be big enough to deliver to the society.

Few Questions to Ourselves:

What are we doing? Nothing
What we wanna do? Don’t know
What we wanna achieve in life? Everything
Where we see ourself? At zenith of career
How? Blank filled with Beeps………………..
What are we doing?

What we wanna do?
Don’t know

What we wanna achieve in life?

Where we see ourself?
At zenith of career

Blank filled with Beeps………………..


A long list of introspecting questions got us thinking about our future one day.

Busy visiting motor workshops and brain banging with mechanics while others killing time at office PCs and adding coffees to CTC, we had no intention to inspire and innovate.

Shackled by conventional wisdom, it took 2 years for us to realize the dream we have been caressing for years in our foetus, when one fine day BEER did the trick for us to relive an unsettled passion to be an entrepreneur and it got stronger with the next and next and next and next beer henceforth…………………. On the contrary our sobriety also had the same fling with our passion as inebriety. (We never believed in hangovers)

So a passion from a Bar Counter manoeuvred to our respective office tables to jolt in many ways on how to connect with the people and deliver something tangible in feel considering all possible permutations and combinations. Youth specifically have been the driving force behind all our logical and illogical reasoning so what a better way than the apparels to don their thoughts, expressions and be a driving force for their adrenaline rush to channelize.


As always Cheers to Beers.!.

Kiagolicious & Kiagolite

Kiagolicious & Kiagolite



Vigour Valour Zeal Loud Rebel Pomp Eccentric Flamboyancy
defines Kiagolicious to the core.

An ostentatious range drenched completely into the soul of Kiago aims at giving that rich feel to your fitness regime. Contrived and conceived by experienced designers, Kiagolicious is tailored to perfection with urbane designs and comfort stitch.

Tracksuits  Trackpants  T-Shirts  Shorts  Polo Tees  Cricket Kit  
Football Kit  Basketball Kit  Zippers & Hoodies  
Jogging Suits  SweatShirts  Exclusive Kiago Game Kit



Vibrant Young Subtle Solace Complacency Classy
detail our pocket friendly line, Kiagolite.

Kiagolite, a perfect blend of simplicity and style corroborates the concept of Authentic Quality @ Genuine Price.
Designed and developed to give your activewear needs an exclusive touch of plush and fashion, Kiagolite gets it right.

Tracksuits  Trackpants  T-Shirts  Shorts  Polo Tees  Cricket Kit  
Football Kit  Basketball Kit  Zippers & Hoodies  SweatShirts

Kiago Sports

Kiago Sports is a conglomerate of business and ideologies to cater to the dynamic youth and zestful corporates in their designer sportswear and institutional requirements. It is not just a business for us but a passion we’ve been sighing for years. Kiago Sports aims at infusing fashion into fitness regime and transforms your experience from lull to bright and breezy.

Bringing more and more up-trendy styles into your corporate requirements and sportswear needs has been the prima concern of all our efforts. The pivot of our organization is customer delightment and appeasement. Focus has been streamlined to stick to the basics and give exceptional standards in terms of product superiority and product designing.

Our sister concern, Sheela Niwar Industries pioneers in cotton tape manufacturing and a known facet of sports industry since four decades fabricating cotton tape and cotton yarn as per requirements. Kiago Sports is another small step for a bigger leap into the apparel industry.

Our belief in superior quality at authentic pricing gets louder with Kiago and so does our objectives to promote Hale and Hearty India.

Core values

Authenticity  Novelty  Unstoppability  Passion
dominates and defines our business values.

Delivering Superior Quality at Authentic Pricing. Authenticity must reflect in each phase of Operation reciprocating the standard guidelines of Fair Trade

To be fresh and innovative in our approach and execution. Our work should make people high and energetic on life

An impetus within us to thrive against our inhibitions to inspire and innovate each individual in life

Living our passion to make sports industry upped and classy to purpose the cause for hale and hearty India.


To bring a much needed change in the fitness regime and deliver awesomeness to our customers. To keep you in the Game and promote Healthy India is the prima motive of all our efforts.

Our Team

With freelance designers and industry experts we have a playful team where every Tom Dick & Harry has turned into a professional with an expertise in his/her respective frame of work. A team of passionate and diligent people right from designers to masters and packing staff to attendants, each has a role to play. Hence making it a balanced Team and defining TEAM WORK to the core.

Our Designers are working diligently to bring freshness to your fitness regime with continuous hours over the designing board.

Our Pattern master is always calculating spec sheets by millimetres to give you a perfect fit.

Our Web Designing Team is a killer with latest templates and programming to keep it interactive.

Our Sewing staff is meticulously eyeing on the stitches and tailoring a perfect fit for you.

Overall it is a close knitted team where everyone has his/her own piece of brain behind concepts and products developed here with coffee being an integral part of our sessions.

Manufacturing Unit

Keeping pace with the trend and technology, we have fully automated our unit to serve you better and in abundance.

Reach us

Not at all a pleasant sight with garages and Dhabas in the picturesque. We still have water from the last rains. Contrary to the description, our unit is serene and calm inside.

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